View Full Version : Official 2004 Superlatives

  1. Read First.
  2. Best Photoshopper
  3. Best Programmer
  4. Best Avatar
  5. Best Signature
  6. Most Normal
  7. Most Humble
  8. Thought-Provoking Award: Most Interesting Posts
  9. Yes Sir/Yes Ma'am Award: Most Respected
  10. Who Gave You The Authority Award: Biggest Rent-A-Mod
  11. Welcome to our Forums Award: Best Newbie
  12. All Star Award: Most Popular
  13. Secksay Lady Award: Sexiest Female
  14. Studmuffin Award: Sexiest Male
  15. ROTFLMFAO Award: Funniest Member
  16. Billionaire Award: Most Likely to Become Rich or Famous
  17. Convict Award: Most Likely to End Up In Prison
  18. Bancake Award: Most Notorious Banned Member
  19. Genius Award: Smartest Member
  20. LUBU Award: Most Caring/Loving
  21. Jockstrap Award: Most Athletic
  22. What Did You Say?? Award: Least Understood