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 Quest Database >> Main Listing
      Total Quests in Database: 306
      Total downloads since opening: 942721
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Welcome to the Armageddon Games ZC Quest Database!

The files contained in this database are "Custom Quests" made for use with the Zelda Classic Program. Most are complete quests, which means they can be played from start to finish - from first item pickup, to the final boss. To play them, you must Download Zelda Classic And follow the instructions for Loading a Custom Quest.

Anyone can create custom quests. With the ZQuest tool, included with Zelda Classic, whatever you imagine, you can build. Create your own storyline... Create all of your own graphics... Anything is possible.

When your custom quest is complete, and you're ready to share it with the world, send it in to us! The Quest Database is hands down, the easiest way to find and distribute Custom ZC Quests. Enjoy your Search!

New for the first time ever...

Now browse quests in a new way entirely. Through screenshots alone!
I've created The Pool (High Bandwidth)
The Pool (Low Bandwidth).

The Pool is basically an abstract display page with randomly selected and sorted screenshots. When you click the screenshot, it opens the QDB entry for that quest. It's that simple!
My description doesn't really do it justice. Check it out for yourself!

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Quest NameAuthorZC Ver.AddedUpdatedRating
  Legends of the Spiritsbrian_warioman2.512.01.200812.03.2008Rating: 3.00 in 2 votes.
  LEXXVEL1.92 b18308.30.200508.30.2005Rating: 3.38 in 13 votes.
  Liberation of Hyrule, TheJames242.502.29.201203.02.2012Rating: 3.00 in 3 votes.
  Light of the Heavens DXRuss1.9009.02.201209.03.2012Rating: 5.00 in 2 votes.
  Link in LalariaStarkist1.9006.04.200406.04.2004Rating: 2.73 in 11 votes.
  Link To Hyrule MountainsThunderkitty2.1010.19.200510.19.2005Rating: 2.75 in 8 votes.
  Link to the HeavensPineconn2.1012.09.200705.30.2011Rating: 3.63 in 81 votes.
  Link to TortugaFreedom2.1002.21.200502.21.2005Rating: 3.90 in 77 votes.
  Link's Amazing New Technicolor World!King Aquamentus2.1009.23.200711.15.2012Rating: 3.31 in 13 votes.
  Link's Birthday DeluxeMr. Z1.9011.13.201211.13.2012Rating: 4.00 in 2 votes.
  Link's Treasure Huntblackbishop892.506.26.201106.29.2011Rating: 3.50 in 2 votes.
  Linked to the PastJamian1.9005.25.201305.31.2013Rating: 3.80 in 5 votes.
  Links Bad Hair DayPrfectGREG1.9006.06.200406.06.2004Rating: 2.10 in 10 votes.
  Links Bad Hair Day 2 - Morning WoodPrfectGREG1.9006.06.200406.06.2004Rating: 3.33 in 6 votes.
  Links Bad Hair Day 3PrfectGREG1.9006.14.200406.14.2004Rating: 1.43 in 7 votes.
  Links Bad Hair Day 4PrfectGREG1.92 b18306.06.200406.06.2004Rating: 2.88 in 8 votes.
  Links BirthdayMr. Z1.92 b18306.05.200406.19.2004Rating: 3.32 in 44 votes.
  Links ChristmasMr. Z1.92 b18307.23.200407.23.2004Rating: 2.13 in 8 votes.
  Links FlashbackTwobit1.9007.26.200407.26.2004Rating: 3.00 in 4 votes.
  Links JourneyFury1.9006.03.200406.03.2004Rating: 3.00 in 2 votes.

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