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Thread: 1492 by suncactus9

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    1492 by suncactus9

    I can't get to the eye of the spade room in Level 1 and I can't find the power bracelet, the bow, the blue ring, or even the white sword. Can anyone tell me what I need to do?

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    Hi Eric,

    Forgive me for responding so late! I just saw your message today.

    A few tips:

    1. You should have 7 heart containers by the time you enter the second dungeon;
    2. The blue ring and the power bracelet will elude you for the first third of the overworld. You will have to manage without these items for the time being; and
    3. The item from the second dungeon will help you procure the white sword.

    Hang in there! This is a very difficult quest. That being said, it is also quite rewarding. I've been told by friends that Level 7 was the most enjoyable level they've ever played of any classic Legend of Zelda game.

    For faster responses, please send me a direct message. I will be on standby to offer support along the way!

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