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Thread: [Map][Request] ALttP Map

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    [Map][Request] ALttP Map

    Hello! I'm new here, but I've been trying to start my own ZQuest, and my idea is basically a sequel of sorts to ALttP (with an alternate ending of the original ALttP).

    Anyway, I know there are tilesets for ALttP tiles, but has anyone actually recreated the original ALttP map in ZQuest (that is free to use)? I don't mind remaking it, but it would be easier to have that to start with if it was already out. I've searched, but I couldn't find any myself.


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    To my knowledge there isn't an aLTTP map lying around for us to use. I have seen a map of a portion of alttp overworld but I forget who made it and I don't think they were releasing it but using it in their own quest. Remakes don't often get completed as making a quest is hard work and the desire to make something original quickly over powers the urge to recreate a classic. Sadly, the alttp tilesets that are available need a good deal of work. If you have the drive to recreate alttp then go for it but you might want to consider starting out in a complete tileset and making something in the spirit of the original instead of a full blown recreation.

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