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Thread: Spread the word: ZC Social Media

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    Spread the word: ZC Social Media

    If you hadn't seen the posts in News and Announcements, I've created official Facebook and YouTube accounts for Zelda Classic. I know that not all of the members who are active in this part of the forums are active in the general forums. The point of this is to start generating more traffic here at AGN and most importantly, bring more users into Zelda Classic. If you are already users of either social networking service, like or subscribe. Tell your gamer friends about the projects and share the links with them. If you have any suggestions, let me know. The YouTube page is still under construction, so I'll have more information for you on that later. Check out both News and Announcement posts, especially the YouTube thread. I need help on content for the YouTube channel.

    Facebook post:

    YouTube post:
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    Yaaay! Added!
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