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Thread: Toh-Hou Midi request: Click in for more details

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    Toh-Hou Midi request: Click in for more details

    I request Toh-Hou Midis. Can anyone provide Midi versons of the following tracks (just no rubbish please):
    A Tiny, Tiny Clever Commander - Nazarin's theme (Tou-Hou 12).
    The Tiger-Patterned Vaisravana - Shou Toramaru theme (Tou-Hou 12).
    Emotional Skyscraper ~ Comsic Mind - Byrakern Hijiri's theme (Tou-Hou 12).
    Solar Sect of Mystic Wisdom ~ Nuclear Fusion - Reuizi Uthisho's theme (Tou-Hou 11).
    I know these are not Zelda-related, but they will be used in some of my quests. They will be on my sig when I get them to share with others. Also, try to keep them below 100kb each to avoid blotting up quests. I also have the Wav files of all of them (I don't want to convert them myself because they will sound bad and they will be still be huge).
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    This site has all the midi's from 6-8, most/all from 12, some from 11, and a few others. I use it a lot myself.

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