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Thread: We're All Family Here, Right? (Part Two)

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    Re: We're All Family Here, Right? (Part Two)

    Copied/Pasted from the equivalent thread at Pure.

    Name: Eh. Shads will do.
    Age: 22 Years Young.
    Birthday: December 18th, 1985.
    Location: Oceanside, New York.
    School: Previous Oceanside High School, Currently CUNY Queens College.
    Favorite Color: A Very Deep Midnight Purpleish Blue.
    Favorite Food: Anything swimming in tomato sauce; ANY Pasta. Hamburgers, Pizzas, Sushi, Fish, (whitefish, good god...) Cheesecakes and Cheeses, Strawberries / Pears, Pepper Steak, Fried Onions and Pepper steak sandwiches with garlic and mayo dressing. Damn good stuff.
    Favorite Drink: Either V8, or anything blue or purple. Orange and Grape and Pineapple soda qualifies easily. All slushies, all smoothies, all milkshakes, ... ... anything creamy and cold. <3 Frappachinos.
    Favorite Music: Either anything really fast or intense, or deep and soulful. Heavy Metal / VG Boss Music, ... and Trance and Calm music, are loved.
    Number of Family Members: 4 total. Father, Mother, and 20 Yr. Old Sister.
    Number of PCs: I have an Celeron D 3000 Which I use for games like Morrowind, Freelancer, Jedi Knight, etc.
    Favorite Game: That would either be WoW, DDR, SSB, SSBM, SSBB, Freelancer, Morrowind, Oblivion, the Ultima Series, Wind Waker, ... oh god, the list goes on ...


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    Re: We're All Family Here, Right? (Part Two)

    Name: ... don't wanna share. Just call me Aegix, or (if you're a really good friend) I don't mind being called Age.
    Age: 19. Gonna be 20 this may.
    Location: Montreal area, Canada.
    Pets: None. My bird and turtle both died. But if you count virtual pets, then I guess I can mention my Tails chao. XD
    Siblings: 1. Younger brother. He bugs me a lot, but it's just because he looks up to me so much.
    Favorite Movie: ...uh...I guess I'll just have to throw FF7: advent children out there. I'm not too much of a movie guy. If It's good, it's good. I have to no absolute favourites.
    Favorite Band: ... I don't have a particular favourite band. I get most of my music from ripped game OSTs and other random songs that one of my buddies gives to me. I got everything from random J-pop to Aerosmith (Dream on, baby!).
    Favorite Sport: Uhh...Hockey, I guess. I dont' ofllow the MTL canadians too much, but I do root for them.
    Favorite Food: I believe it's called Paprikash Chirkeh. ....It's a Hungarian dish. You take chicken meat, boil it in sauce, and then add it to little round noodles. It's absolutely amazing. ....I also happen to like instant soup with an egg added, eaten with chopsticks.
    Favourite game: Tales of Symphonia. Best game...EVER. or course, I got lot of other favourites too...
    Occupation (if student, area of study): Student in Graphic Design. I'm learning to make websites, brochures...all that jazz. I'm currently on my internishp, And once that's done I'm off to the real world.
    If you posted in the old thread, what's changed for you since then: I have no clue. I don't even think I posted in the old one.
    Quote Originally Posted by phattonez
    AGN is not meant for people who have lives. Come back home, turn the lights off and stare in awe at the glow that comes from the monitor.
    Do you enjoy challenging RPGs? Do you enjoy dark storylines? You'll like my game. Go on, it's not very long.
    You can download my game for free right here!
    Feedback on it would be nice. It'll help with future projects.

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    Re: We're All Family Here, Right? (Part Two)

    Name: Jamie
    Age: 19
    Location: OKC, OK
    Pets: Three Mice - Lock, Shock, and Barrel
    Siblings: 2 younger brothers. One's 15 and ones 4, almost five.
    Favorite Movie: Hmm. Nightmare Before Christmas, Truman Show, or Clerks II
    Favorite Band: Opeth, Streetlight Manifesto, or Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Favorite Sport: Eh. Basketball.
    Favorite Food: I enjoy Moes. Burritos are good.
    Favourite game: I enjoy Smash Brothers, and Final Fantasy is fun.
    Occupation (if student, area of study): Music Composition, Percussion Performance
    If you posted in the old thread, what's changed for you since then: I'm no longer a tard.

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    Re: We're All Family Here, Right? (Part Two)

    Name: Cristian Dominguez
    Age: ...15 DOB: 4/28/92
    Location: Houston, Texas
    Pets: one dog that needs therapy.
    Siblings: 3 - two younger brothers and one older halfsister.
    Favorite Movie: I don't recall too many movies, but I'll say Interstella 5555 for now.
    Favorite Band: Oh shit. My musical tastes branch too far to have a favorite.
    Favorite Sport: Soccer.
    Favorite Food: Fruit smoothies and pasta.
    Occupation (if student, area of study): Never held a job in my life.
    If you posted in the old thread, what's changed for you since then: I didn't post at all. That's what changed, I came back.
    'Zounds, ye whore! is black so base a hue?

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    Re: We're All Family Here, Right? (Part Two)

    Name: Daniel Michael Woolf
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    DOB: 4/24/87
    Location: Zwolle, the Netherlands
    Pets: 2 cats (Oreo and Shyra) 1 dog (Marley) and 4 rats (Summer, Peanut, Snowy and Diva.) All are female.
    Siblings: 2 sisters, one 13 years old, one 20 years old
    Favorite Movie: The Mask. Or possibly the Spider-Man trilogy.
    Favorite Band: I'm not into the whole music shindig.
    Favorite Sport: You're kidding, right?
    Favorite Food: Nothing beats a good hamburger.
    Occupation (if student, area of study): Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I'm not even a student, as I currently don't go to school.
    You can take the nerd out of 4chan, but you can't take 4chan out of the nerd.

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    Re: We're All Family Here, Right? (Part Two)

    Name: James Faustner
    Age: 19 (20 soon, woo) DOB: 5/21/88 [a day after Dechipher, ftw]
    Location: Moorestown, PA [an hour away from Philly, all farm land though]
    Pets: 2 Dogs [Roxy and Romeo], and however many cats live on the property
    Siblings: 3 Sisters, 1 Step-Brother, 1-Brother-In-Law [to be] and 1-Sister-In-Law [to be]
    Favorite Movie: I really did like the first Matrix
    Favorite Band: The Black Mages, as well as VALVe's audio team
    Favorite Sport: Airsoft
    Favorite Game: Retro Final Fantasy's, Smash Bros, Half-Life [2], Counter-Strike, Shattered Earth and various MUDs.
    Favorite Food: Porkroll + Cheese Sandwiches
    Occupation (if student, area of study): Down Picker at Phillip's Feed
    If you posted in the old thread, what's changed for you since then: I don't know if I put that I'm engaged in the last one, also got a new job [no more lame fedex for me].


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    Re: We're All Family Here, Right? (Part Two)

    Name: Johnamus Ottassimeaux
    Age: 15
    Location: Texas
    Pets: 3 dogs and 5 cats
    Siblings: 1 sister
    Favorite Movie: Office Space
    Favorite Band: The Eagles
    Favorite Sport: Football...I march in the half-time show.
    Favorite Food: A Philly Cheese Steak, followed by cream puffs.
    Occupation: I am a freshman in high school, but I am a freelance composer for high to make some money.
    Nothing really has changed since the last post except for occupation and favorites.

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    Re: We're All Family Here, Right? (Part Two)

    Eh, guess I'll copy/paste/edit what I have over at ZCU.

    Name: Just call me Wind, 'kay?
    Age: 16
    Birthday: December 6
    Location: Raleigh, NC - U.S.
    School: Wakefield High School - 10th grade
    Favorite Color: Take a look at nature and you will see... and don't take that the wrong way.
    Favorite Food: Lasagna
    Favorite Beverage: Root Beer
    How uber my PC is:
    Intel® Core(tm)2 CPU
    4400 @ 2.00GHz
    3.00GHz, 3.00 GB of RAM
    The only parts I really understand from that are "3.00GHz" and "3.00 GB oof RAM." Add a 22" LCD widescreen monitor, a pwnage graphics card and 7.1 surround sound ftw. Now if only I had some more memory...
    # of TV's: It's not the number that's big. It's the size of them.
    Consoles: NES, SNES, GBA (lost), N64, GCN, Wii, DS, PS2, PSP, PS3 <-- I blame my dad for that last one. That's right - no XBox. But I don't have anything against it either.
    Online Connection: Cable - Electricity. an insulated electrical conductor, often in strands, or a combination of electrical conductors insulated from one another. - Yeah, that about sums it all up.
    Favorite Games: Uhh... this is a rather long list so I'm going to uhh... *points* HEY, IS THAT A DEMONIC DUCK OF SOME SORT?!
    Favorite ZC Quests: Hero of Dreams - Shoelace; Origin - DarkFlameWolf
    Favorite ZC Trick: Swimable Transparent Water <-- Screenshots outdated, but still functional. There are probably better ways to do it, but for now, I'll stick with what I'm best at.
    ZC Skillz: I wish I had those.
    First Custom Quest Played: Isle of the Winds
    Ethnicity: Half Korean, Quarter Czech, Eighth British, Eighth Canadian
    Musical Interests:
    - Plays Clarinet (4.7 years)
    - Likes many orchestral, symphonic, and philharmonic pieces, primarily Video Game Mixes and Remixes; some rock music as well
    - Top Three Tracks:
    -- Subject to change currently...
    - Favorite Rock Bands: At this point in time, I just like a bunch of different ones.
    Personality: As much as you think you know me, you don't. End of story.
    Accent: To be honest, when talking to anyone, I've never used my actual voice.
    If you posted in the old thread, what's changed for you?: I'll let a ninja answer that one.

    NOTE: As I progress in life, I come to edit this.
    # of EDITS: Somewhere over the rainbow.
    Last Edited: 4/25/08

    Yeah, a little more informative than some of yours, but that's just me, and I can't help being me.
    Creator of ZURPG, a Zelda game that's influenced by D&D and JRPGs to bring together a unique gameplay system combined with roleplaying.

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    Let's see how well I can format everything w/meh phone...
    Name: Samurai Joe/NekoArc
    DOB: 6-13-86 (21)
    Interests: lisrening to j-pop/rock, studying Japanese, watching anime, reading manga
    Pets: (not counting the farm animals) 4 cats, 4 dogs
    Fav muscians: 'Weird Al', Minibosses, Linkin Park, The Black Mages
    TV Shows: CSI, Psych, Monk, House, Stargate, Star Trek
    Occupation: Manager for a Taco Bell (woo... lol)
    What's changed since last the last thread: almost everything, including my username lol

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    Re: We're All Family Here, Right? (Part Two)

    Name: Tannen K Pierce Jr (the K does NOT stand for anything)
    Age: 22 as of July 8th
    Location: Las Cruces, New Mexico
    Pets: An alligator lizard named Fish
    Siblings: 2 older sisters
    Movies: I forget
    Music: A lot: Ani Difranco, Anais Mitchel,
    Food: Lasagna and enchilada and everything else
    Occupation (if student, area of study): I am a fast food worker as of this week and pretty angry about it
    If you posted in the old thread, what's changed for you since then: I'm married, have a daughter, am an open bisexual, no longer harbor any Christian belief

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