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  1. Large Link Hitbox Doesn't Detect Collision Properly
  2. Scripted Bombs Not Setting Off Bomb Flag
  3. Extreme Lag Linux ZC 2.5.2
  4. ZQuest - Adjacent Screens Ignore Layer 2/3 as Background
  5. Link Shield Issue 2.50.2
  6. FFC jumps into a changer
  7. Hammer Behaviour Has Changed (breaks quests)
  8. Adding HCs via Cheat Menu - Fatal Crash
  9. Too many HCs crashes ZC (very minor)
  10. Enemy with Tile 0 not drawn
  11. Too Much Love
  12. Parser: Lexical Errors May Cause Crash
  13. Bug Report Guidelines
  14. [2.50.2: Passive Subscereen A+B] Single item set by init data is in both slots.
  15. All enemies above e255 are deleted when Grabbing tiles from an older quest
  16. Global Arrays...
  18. Power of Magic Book Fire Cannot Be Set?
  19. Spin Attack w/ Magic Cost Goes Haywire
  20. Const Floats with Negative Values
  21. [2.50.2] Setting LA_HOPPING on Land Freezes ZC
  22. Change equipment when changing screens bugs it
  23. [2.50.2] Bizarre, Instant Death
  24. Junk Data in ZASM Export
  25. MacOSX 10.11.x : No Right Click
  26. [NES Behaviour] Patras Don't Wrap
  27. F12 Screensot w/LensOn = Black Image
  28. Items With Large Hitboxes Don't Display Properly When Picked Up
  29. String 0 Traces as '(none)'
  30. [2.50.2] Game->PlaySound(12) is Silent
  31. ASCII String Control Code Bug
  32. [NES consistency] Statues' firing behavior is wrong
  33. [NES consistency] Pushable Graves have wrong behavior
  34. Subscreen Graphical Bugs Related to Game->Generic[GEN_MAGICDRAINRATE]
  35. Sideview Gravity Jump bug
  36. Link->Warp / PitWarp - ZC Crashes with Invalid DMaps
  37. 2.50.3 RC1 - Combos Carry Over crash.
  38. Screen->Wavy crashes ZC (2.50.2)
  39. Quake Bugs
  40. Stone of Agony Bugs
  41. ZQuest - tiles adv-pasted on animated/cycled combos reset if combo editor opened
  42. [2.50.2 and Above]Setting Link->Action = LA_CASTING No Longer Works
  43. [2.50.3] Something Strange with SetComboSolid
  44. Windows 10 Fullscreen glitches out
  45. Rupee Bug Submitted from Facebook
  46. [2.50.1 and above] Large-hitbox Link starts swimming wrong
  47. [2.50.1 and above] Link's sword seperates when charging, during warps with sprite carryover
  48. [2.50.3] Honkey Pig by Wild Bill Crashes ZC
  49. Yuurei: Utterly Bizarre Crash on 2.50.x Tree Builds
  50. [2.50.3] DrawInteger() Graphical Error when Setting scale arg.
  51. [DD/scriptparser] FFCs malfunction when recompiling Link and Zelda: Panoply of Calatia
  52. enemy editor doesn't allow enemy to alway turn towards link.
  53. (ZC 2.54) Link->HitXOffset and Link->HitWidth do not effect combo collision
  54. (2.50.2) Ctrl + U transparency bug
  55. [ZC 2.54] Link->SetLinkTile() causes game to freeze
  56. [ZC 2.54 ] setting Link->Action to LA_DROWNING makes link turn invisable
  57. Enemies React to Bomb Blasts Even if Set to Ignore Them
  58. Script Counters Roll Over to Max Int When Going Below Zero
  59. Combos In ZQuest Change Appearance in Zelda Classic (W/O LTMS)
  60. Screen->Draw Screen Shows Wrong CSet of Combos
  61. Changing passage warp return also changes item cellar warp return
  62. Diagonal Movement Issues
  63. [2.50] Eyeball Combos and Animation Skipping
  64. MacOS v2.50.2 Not working on latest macOS 10.12.3
  65. I cannot save/open a Zelda Classic quest file
  66. Link randomly moving in one direction uncontrollably
  67. [2.50.2] Hookshotting upwards through a wall.
  68. [2.50.2] Vires freeze
  69. [ZC 2.50.2] Custom soundfont midi turn to piano instruments
  70. Cane of Byrna Bug ( in Randmizer)
  71. LWeapon->Behind does nothing.
  72. Sword Triggers Are Not Continuous
  73. Says I used cheats when I clearly did not
  74. Import ZASM -> Crash
  75. Import ZASM: Leading Spaces
  76. Setting Link->Item[] Every Frame Causes lag
  77. Input Configuration window bugs
  78. Why can't I have EX Buttons 1-4 mapped to my controller?
  79. Map Import/Export
  80. Strange Compiler Error
  81. (Links) [2.55/2.60] GitHub Repo Bugs/Issues Topics
  82. Hookshiot Through Solid Combos
  83. Charged Hammer Does Not Pound
  84. Large Triforce Aaffects CSet 9
  85. Full Screen ZC Makes Me Sad
  86. Revenge 2 (1.90 compatibility): Critical Bug: When you take an item the guy still showed up
  87. [2.50.3] "keese" enemy type movement bug
  88. [2.50.2] Lens rapidfire Item Scripts ( Tentatively Fixed -Z )
  89. 2.53.0: Old Version Bug: Wizzrobes Appear in Walls
  90. 2.50.3 Wand Magic Damage Not Scaling with Level/Damage Without Script
  91. Subscreen crashes ZC in weird instances
  92. Two "relatively minor" Backwards Comaptibility Bugs
  93. Another backwards compatibility bug: Ganon roaring once he appears and throughout the level
  94. Reflected Magic LWeapon Hitbox Rotated 90 Degrees
  95. 1.84 Player issues: Items Not Showing Up Properly
  96. More 1.84 issues: Tiles Not Saving
  97. [2.50.2] Default quest folder reset on crash (And quest file pathing issue)
  98. [2.53] Crash on exiting open screen at diagonal angle
  99. Setting Damage Divisor on an Item to Zero Makes You Invincible
  100. [2.50.2] Bush->Next (Continuous) Unintended behaviour?
  101. Weird Bug With Screen->Arc Drawing
  102. Screen Resolution, screen flicker and Admin Rudeness.
  103. [2.50.2] Combo CSet 2 does not respect rotation angles
  104. [2.50.2] Melee weapons do not trigger secret triggers on layers above 0
  105. [2.50.2] Empty quest file Hookshot configurations
  106. Register name blank screen, can't load custom quests. including defaults.
  107. A major bug in 2.52 with animation